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Whether you are planning a secret getaway for one or a private tour for a group, we can design your holiday and all the details for you. The possibilities are endless, From Safaris to Garden Tours, From Mountain Climbing to Scuba Diving, From Camel Safaris to Aboriginal Tours, From Church Tours to Club Tours, we can help you with every aspect of your trip.

How to Plan Your Dream Vacation

The Basics

Who is going?
Before you begin planning in earnest, know the group. If you are planning for a large group, it is best not to work with a committee. Designate one or two planners.

Where are you going?
Decide on your destination.

What is your budget?
Know how much you can spend on your vacation. Your budget must include airfare and any meals not included in your itinerary. Budget for the purchase of souvenirs and gratuities. Take into consideration the cost of Visas and inoculations.

What is your interest?
Whether you have no special interest, but want to see what there is to see, or whether you have a very specific interest, know before you begin to plan.

What time of year do you plan to travel?
If you are planning a wine tour, a garden tour, a mountain climbing tour or a beach tour you must plan around the seasons. If you are going on a tour which is not season specific such as a wildlife safari or a cultural tour, consider taking advantage of off-season rates.

For how long?
There is big difference between 10 days and two weeks when you are planning your vacation. Decide on the maximum amount of time that you will spend on your holiday.

The Details

  • Divide your interests into three categories
    Cannot miss - Must see or do
  • Would really like to see or do
  • Would like to see or do if there is time
Your accommodations include your travel accommodations and your hotel accommodations. Decide whether you must have simple cleanliness or luxury. Will you fly coach or first class? Do you want a private guide to accompany you?

Everything else

Leave the rest to us.



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