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Dear Susan,

This is just a short note to thank you for putting together a phenomenal trip to Africa. It was everything I had hoped for and much more. The animals were unbelievable. Every animal I have ever seen on the Discovery Channel was there-ten feet from my Land Rover. However, the animals were not the best part of the trip. Even more incredible than the animals was the opportunity you gave us to meet, one on one, with people whose culture is so different they might as well live in a different universe. Visiting their villages and homes is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you for stretching my mind further than I thought it could be stretched.

Edward J. Thomas
Bakersfield, CA

Dear Susan:

I am writing to you to let you know that Elizabeth and I still have not gotten over the wonderful African adventure that thanks to you we enjoyed. Although, Elizabeth and I have traveled a number of times to Europe, Canada, Mexico and even Peru, none of our trips compared with our Safari.
The way you put it together was remarkable. The people that you collected for this trip were wonderful. Every one of us melded together in such a way as to make the trip so enjoyable.
You and Thad especially made our trip even more glorious. I thank you, Elizabeth thanks you, our children thank you and all our other friends who have shared our stories and enjoyed our pictures thank you. It is something we will never forget.
I am hoping there will be another time when we can join you on some equally exciting adventure in some other exotic corner of the world that but for you we probably never get to visit.

Warmest regards and deepest affection,

Shell & Elizabeth Mitchell
Phoenix, AZ

I cannot express to you how wonderful our Africa Adventure was. We loved everything about it. It was so well planned with so much variety. It was obvious that you had given a lot of thought to what order we should do what. The care and attention you provided was fabulous. Thank you so much for all you did to make this so wonderful.
Miriam Mason
Tampa, FL

Hi Susan,
I know by now you are all back to normal and onto your real life, but it took us a little longer since we didn't come straight home from Africa, instead spending 3 days in Amsterdam. So today is the first day we are able to get back to a normal routine. We just wanted to thank you because we had such a wonderful trip. You were right, Africa is a very special place and a very different trip than anywhere else we have ever been. Thank you for all your planning and arrangements, WE LOVED IT!
Macky Kane
Chicago, IL


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