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How to Pack When You are on the Move

Each person is limited to 32 pounds of baggage, including the bag, so packing takes some organization.. The weight limit does not include your personal pack or camera.

Do pack in a soft-sided lightweight bag such as a duffel bag. Leave your purse at home and carry a lightweight small backpack for medications, traveler's checks, passports, glasses, etc.

Many people choose to leave sweatshirts and t-shirts behind in Africa at the end of the Safari to make room for purchases. If you plan to give some of your clothing away, shirts with the name of your home state, team, or U.S. emblems are very popular and will be appreciated.

While on Safari, we will be moving every few days. Keeping organized and ready for activities is easy with a little preparation. Pack all clothing, medications and sundries in reclosable plastic food storage bags. Jumbo size (two gallon) bags will hold a full outfit.

Before you pack, lay clothing into daily outfits; undergarments, socks, shirt, pants or shorts. Place a full day's outfit into each Jumbo bag. Roll the bag to push out the air and seal your bag closed. Place one bag of complete safari wear in your carry-on bag. Pack extra sweatshirts or windbreakers in bags. Shoes should also be packed in bags. Each night before going to bed, pull out a "clothing bag" for the following day. In the morning, dressing for your early morning game drive will be easy, no hunting for underwear or shirts.

Each camp or lodge has full laundry facilities. Your laundry will be picked up in the morning and returned to you in the afternoon. Remember, there are no dryers in the bush. Laundry will be hung in the hot African sun to dry, fading can occur. Do not buy expensive clothing to take on Safari!

When stores are full of great sales, look for sweatshirts or warm-up suits to take with you. If you take new clothing, it is a good idea to wash items at least once before you go.

Safari Packing List

Carry all medications in your purse or carry-on bag.
Ask your doctor to send you written prescriptions for all necessary medications, carry your prescriptions in a safe place

4 to 5 pair of shorts or panties
2 undershirts
3 to 4 bras (sport bras or good support bras such as Wacoal)
4 pair socks

Daytime Outerwear
It is the custom to wear earth tone clothing such as khaki or brown. White and bright colors, especially blue, attract bugs.

2-3 pair lightweight pants, jeans or Converters (lightweight khakis that zip off at knee)
2 pair shorts
3 short sleeve shirts or t-shirts
3 long sleeve shirts or t-shirts
1 lightweight sweatsuit or warm-up suit (You can wear this on the plane)
1 Nylon windbreaker (optional)
1 or 2 swimming suits
1 large brimmed hat (cowboy hats or Aussie hats are perfect. If it won't pack, wear it)

Nighttime Outerwear
The nights are cool. You will wear the same type of clothing day and night. Add another sweatsuit or sweatshirt or sweater.
Flashlight & batteries

1 or 2 pair of walking shoes (tennis shoes) - wear one pair on the plane

Sleep wear
1 or two warm pair of pajamas or lightweight sweatsuit
1 robe

1 disposable poncho

Personal Items - these items should be packed in your carry on bag.
Our camps and lodges will supply soaps, shampoos, etc. If you have a preferred brand do pack it. You do not want to attract flies or mosquitoes, so unscented toiletries are advised.

2 Toothbrushes
Shaving necessities (This is a perfect time to start a beard!)

Sundries (pack in your carry-on bag)
Pack everything in this category

Insect repellant containing DEET
Aspirin or Tylenol or other headache or pain reliever
Pepto Bismol Chewable Tablets
Diarrhea medication

Electrical Appliances
You will need converters for electrical appliances. Make sure your converter is pinned for East Africa.
You will have electrical outlets in your tents, however, as a rule you will not have electricity all day (you will have hot water all day). Hairdryers run much hotter in Africa due to the voltage, some people have found that their hairdryers run too hot for their hair. If you choose to use a hairdryer make sure it has a warm or cool setting.

For Nairobi
You will need a pair of nice slacks and a sweater and comfortable shoes.





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